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Tanvir Shahriar Rimon

I found all saints in the sunshine at UoM -Tanvir Shahriar Rimon

A beautiful day-typical early summer , I catch the virgin train to Manchester from London. 

My childhood friend Aklas & his family been quite settled in Manchester since 2004 & whenever I come to England he always tries to drag me to his place & somehow I escaped considering the long distance from London to his residence. 

But this time he was persistently insisting me even before my arrival in Uk to visit him. As I told it was virgin train, and it just took me there by two hours time ! And finally I reached in Beautiful Manchester. 

After having lunch 🥗followed by mouth watering desserts 🍮& tea ☕️in Aklas’s place, we decided to visit Manchester City Center & the Universtity of Manchester. (UoM)

When we reached in the university, OMG, I enchanted the architecture of the university ! I don’t know how many non-academics would think to visit, and yet it would delight so many? 

The University of Manchester (UoM) is tranquil  for the eyes 👀. The green oh yes, the lass green but no envy, I found All Saints (Student’s) in the sunshine 🌞. Opposite the main old block of UoM is a beautiful park named Brunswick Park, where we captured some moments. I bet

You will again fallen in love with green…

I thank my friend Aklas for bringing me here literally forcefully! But at the end it was a very well spent time & no lies if I wouldn’t come, I’d miss the tranquillity…! 


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