Tanvir Shahriar Rimon

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Culture Cleans the human heart !


Culture cleans the human heart. It feeds half of hunger. Violence arises where the practice of art & culture don’t exist. It may be political or social. I loved that quote of famous artist Rafiqul Nabi.

Bangladesh Art Week organised the (August 1-3) exhibition titled The Power of Nine with the support of PHP Family. The exhibition featured around 40 artworks by nine prominent and promising artists -Rafiqun Nabi, Monirul Islam, Farida Zaman, Jamal Ahmed, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Mustapha Khalid Palash, Mohammad Iqbal, Tejosh Halder Josh and AMB Salauddin (Rony). 

Personally I love water colour painting. And here artist Monirul Islam displayed his own ways of visualising the nature on that form of art. Nature’s Dialogue, and Forest Dance were among his works that were displayed at the show


Chattogram had always been a place of diverse cultural practice and natural beauty. To uphold chattogram this type of initiative should take place often here .

My indebted thanks to Mohsin bhai, Vice Chairman of PHP, for inviting me on the inaugural evening.

Tanvir Shahriar Rimon

3rd August, 2019

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